6 Best Bamboo Socks to Buy in 2018

We are here to offer you a list of six of the best bamboo socks currently available on the market. We have selected and ranked them in order from the least to most well reviewed, and based on their specs and top advantages.

Bamboo socks are quickly becoming some of the most popular socks on the market. The best bamboo socks can provide a whole host of benefits that regular cotton socks simply can’t.

Some of these benefits include antibacterial qualities that reduce foot odor, moisture-wicking abilities to mitigate sweaty feet and a soft, comfortable material that isn’t scratchy. In some cases, they may even be hypoallergenic.

6. MD 6 Pack Soft Unisex Antibacterial Bamboo Fiber Crew Socks

best MD 6 pack soft unisex antibacterial bamboo socks

These socks feature a Y-design that securely keeps them in place while you are wearing them. The sock fights against holes by incorporating a cushioned toe area as well as a cushioned sole. Overall, these are really great, high-quality bamboo socks.


  • Sizes: 9.11, 10-13, 13-15
  • Material: 88.7% Rayon from Bamboo, 10.2% Polyester, 1.1% Spandex
  • Colors: Black, White, Gray
  • Special Features: Anti-Slip, Antibacterial
They have anti-shrinking qualities
The cushioned soles and toes make them very comfortable
They are made small so you probably need to order a size up, based on several reviews

5. Yomandamor Men’s Bamboo Diabetic Ankle Socks

best yomandamor mens bamboo socks

These are some of the best bamboo socks and especially for diabetics. This is because they have a non-binding, wide-calf top which helps improve circulation and reduces blistering, foot pressure, and infection risks.

They also don’t have seams in the toe area, so they aren’t irritating. These socks are soft and made for comfort, lightweight, and can be worn no matter the season.


  • Sizes: 10-13
  • Material: 70% bamboo, 30% elastane
  • Colors: Black, White, Gray, Black w/ Gray Stripes, Black w/ Gray ring on top
  • Special Features: High quality, Stay-up comfort top useful for the elderly or diabetics
A wide calf without the binding top makes it comfortable and safe to wear
The socks are very stretchy so they should fit well
Many people complained that they are actually a lot shorter than they appear in the pictures

4. TeeHee Bamboo Allsports Half Cushion Socks with Arch Support

best teehee allsports bamboo socks

If you want athletic bamboo socks that come in bright, cheery colors, then you may want to consider these TeeHee socks. They are comfortable, help keep your feet dry, and come in sizes for both kids and adults.

These socks are made of a moisture wicking fabric that is breathable, and as they are cushioned for comfort, they should also keep shin guards in place. The sole is also cushioned, and and the added arch support should ensure that your socks stay on position all day long.


  • Sizes: 5-7, 7-9, 9-11, 11-13
  • Material: 80% bamboo viscose, 17% polyester, 3% spandex
  • Colors: Black, White, Navy, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Green, Purple, Red, Gray
  • Special Features: Moisture wicking fabric, added arch support
The socks come in colors that are great for representing team colors
Made of high-quality moisture wicking fabric
The socks provide arch support
Some users consider that they can’t really be worn on the grass or while playing sports

3. Yhao 4 Pack Women’s Bamboo Ankle Socks

best yhao 4 pack womens bamboo socks

These socks are of excellent quality and come with a nice design and in soft colors. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable and allows your feet to breath easily. Although they are thin, they shouldn’t fade or get deformed.


  • Sizes: Women’s 4-8, 8-11
  • Material: 85% special bamboo, 8% nylon, 7% spandex
  • Colors: Multiple colors in a pack
  • Special Features: Seamless, come with an elastic cuff for added comfort and support
The socks are super stretchy so they won’t fit too tightly on your feet
The trendy colors and designs make them attractive to different age groups
Several customers complained that the socks are actually too tight around the ankle

2. LAETAN Elite Women’s Business Casual Bamboo and Cotton Socks

best laetan elite womens bamboo socks

These bamboo socks are very soft and thin and could even be worn as dress socks. Despite their being thin, they are very durable and have received a lot of praise for holding up through the washing machine.


  • Sizes: Fits Shoe Size 6-10
  • Material: 80% bamboo viscose, 15% polyamide, 5% elastane
  • Colors: Black, White, Navy, Dark Navy, Charcoal, Beige, Brown
  • Special Features: Can be machine washed
The socks are very durable and don’t develop holes easily
Soft and comfortable
The elastic at the top can be a little tight around larger calves, according to several wearers

1. TeeHee Viscose from Bamboo Diabetic Crew Socks 3-Pack

best teehee viscose bamboo socks

These TeeHee socks are yet another of the best bamboo socks that might especially benefit people with diabetes. They are specially made to reduce pressure on the legs thanks, in part, to their non-binding top. Also, these socks come in a variety of designs and with nice color options. They are smooth and soft, and should always remain in position.


  • Sizes: 9-11 (fits shoe size 6-9), 10-13 (fits shoe size 7-10)
  • Material: 53% bamboo viscose, 32% elastic, 12% nylon, 3% spandex
  • Colors: Black, Assorted, Basic, Bright, Bottom Grey, Dark, Dark Green, HT Grey, Khaki, Navy, Tan, Taupe, White
  • Special Features: Can be machine washed, Non-binding top
The socks come in a lot of different colors
A little thicker than most bamboo socks
They don’t slide down even though they don’t have a tight elastic cuff at the top
Some wearers reported that the socks were too tight or that they developed holes in them very quickly


So this was it, our list of best bamboo socks currently available on the market. While all of them should be soft and comfortable to wear, some have added advantages such as coming in a bigger variety of colors or designs, while other have elastic cuffs that keep them in place. At the same time, some could be great options for people with diabetes, or who play sports.

Do you like our choice for the best bamboo socks? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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