Brooks Glycerin 15 | 2018 Review

Below you can find a complete Brooks Glycerin 15 review, the latest addition to a great line of running shoes offered by Glycerin. We will set off with a table of features and then provide you with a description of the Glycerin 15.

Then, you will find maintenance tips and recommendations, plus the pros and cons of this shoe. We’ve included some customer opinions in your Brooks Glycerin 15 review as well.

Brooks Sports, Inc, the maker of Brooks shoes, is also commonly referred to as Brooks Running. The latter name appropriately fits a company recognized for producing some of the best running shoes on the market as their Glycerin line has been a runner favorite for more than a decade now.

Top Features of the Brooks Glycerin 15

  • Sizes: Men/Women 5-Medium (US) to 12- Wide (US)
  • Material: Mesh upper with stretch print, synthetic toe, and heel reinforcement
  • Sole type: Synthetic rubber sole
  • Colors:
    • Black/Pink Peacock/Plum Caspia, Evening Blue/Purple Cactus Flower
    • Teal Victory, Black/Island Blue/Diva Pink, Capri/Evening Blue
    • Purple Cactus Flower, Pink/Purple/Silver, Silver/Grey/Rose
  • Weight:6 ounces/300.5 grams
  • Price Range: Higher End
  • Specific Features: 
    • 3-inch arch shaft
    • Super DNA cushioning
    • Extended heel and toe guard
    • Stretch print upper elasticity
    • 3D print technology
    • Wider midsole than its predecessors
    • Excellent heel to toe drop ratio

The description portion of the Brooks Glycerin 15 review needs to stress the fact that this running shoe can provide its wearer with great cushioning. In making it, Brooks employs what they refer to as Super DNA cushioning response. Namely, Brooks increased the foam density at the midsole, but without compromising the weight.

This gives runners a noticeably softer landing on every stride. The upper portion is also an essential element that we can’t forget to mention in this Brooks Glycerin 15 review. Brooks employs a stretch print that moves with your foot. This elasticity in the upper mesh allows for an enhanced freedom of motion.

Brooks also removed a panel midsole that it felt reduced this flexibility. It did keep the heel and toe bumpers to protect the shoe from unnecessary wear. Brooks also slightly widened the outsole on the Glycerin 15, which helped improve stability.

While the percentage of rubber has been reduced, the improvements to the foam have offset any loss in cushioning. There have been improvements in the density of the insole as well. These shoes remain the pinnacle in the Brooks line of feature running shoes.

Other Important Specifications

As part of your Brooks Glycerin 15 review, we want to mention some other important specifications too. One major feature is the 3D Fit Print technology that Brooks uses to help improve the feel of each shoe. This helps the shoes move and expand with each step you take.

Also, each rib on the bottom of the Brooks Glycerin 15 has a purpose. The distance between each tread ridge helps complete the heel to toe roll of each stride. This makes the transition from one step to another very smooth and secure.

Good for:

  • Passionate and frequent runners regularly turn to this shoe. It is also a great choice for long distance runners who pound out many miles each week on hard pavement.
  • The shoe is equally appealing for anyone who needs secure cushioning in a stable shoe, such as cross training enthusiasts.
  • While this shoe is commonly considered a runner’s shoe, it is also a favorite among people who spend many hours a day on their feet.

Not recommended for:

  • Casual walkers and light joggers who do not require very specific running shoes may find this option too costly.
  • The higher midsole arch is not the best design for people who have extremely flat feet or a low arch.
There is nearly a ½-inch (10-millimeter) heel to toe drop on the Brooks Glycerin.
This helps give runners an excellent roll with each stride while taking a lot of stress off the heel and lower calf.
The higher toe and heel guards help prevent wear and tear on these important parts of the shoe.
It is made with the highest quality materials and workmanship.
It offers a secure fit and should last for a long time.
The arch measures medium to high, so people with a low arch will likely consider this shoes slightly uncomfortable.
These shoes may be smaller than expected, so the size must be very carefully selected.

Product Recommendations

Recommended Level:

User Opinions about the Brooks Glycerin 15 Review

Most wearers are really pleased with the softness and comfort of running in these shoes. The improved midsole cushioning reduces the impact of every step a runner takes so they will feel less impact on their heel and during the heel to toe rotation. Their joints and legs should also feel better after long runs.

There were very few reviewers that did not consider the Brooks Glycerin 15 a high quality running shoe. Some did feel that the price was a little high though, as their shoes reportedly wore down faster than expected. Other wearers consider these shoes to be smaller than they expected.

Nonetheless, owners seem to be generally happy with the comfort they offer, and especially pleased with how well the Glycerin 15 wears, durability wise.

Product Maintenance

Your Brooks Glycerin 15 shoes are relatively simple to maintain, and you can easily keep them looking in top shape.

  • The extended toe and heel protection will help prevent unnecessary wear in these important areas.
  • Wiping down the mess uppers can be done with a damp cloth.
  • The rubber midsole and outsole can also be cleaned with a damp rag.
    • You can also lightly scrub them with warm soapy water and a soft-bristle brush.
  • While the mesh uppers are stain resistant, you can still apply a light spray of fabric guard on them.
    • Applying waterproofing liquids and waxes is not suggested.


To summarize our Brooks Glycerin 15 review, one can’t help but point out that this is a sturdy shoe. Available in both men’s and women’s models, runners will appreciate their outstanding quality and comfort.

If you already own a pair of Brooks Glycerin 15 shoes, tell us how you like them. In addition, if you feel we missed mentioning something, let us hear about those points as well.