New Balance Men’s M890v4 Shoe | 2018 Review

Here you’ll get a complete review of the New Balance M890v4, starting with a table with its basic specifications, followed by a detailed description of these running shoes. We’ll recommend and mention who would most benefit from wearing this shoe, plus offer a list of pros and cons. There are also several user opinions for you to consider.

New Balance has produced hundreds of shoes for all kinds of sports and activities. One of their more popular designs are their shoes made specifically for runners. While anyone can enjoy them, they specifically focus on the pounding runners put on their shoes. The New Balance M890v4 is one such shoe, article guaranteed to withstand the rigorous road work avid runners put on their shoes.

new balance m890v4

Top Features of the New Balance M890v4

  • Sizes: Men’s 5A (US) to 16EEEE (US))
  • Material:
    • Synthetic textile upper with reinforced eyelets
    • RevLite™ technology foam midsole and rubber outsole
  • Sole type: High-density rubber outsole with cross-tread traction
  • Colors:
    • Gray, with black trim and laces
    • Fluorescent green accents
  • Price Range: Medium to High
  • Specific Features: 
    • Extremely lightweight synthetic upper
    • One-piece FantomFit design
    • RevLite™ ultra-cushioning technology in the midsole

RevLite™ cushioning was first introduced in the original 890v shoe from New Balance back in 2012. It revolutionized the shock absorbing qualities runners look for in their shoes. The New Balance M890v4 uses this same cushioning technology but has dramatically reduced the overall weight of the shoe.

Most of the concentration for this shoe begins in the midsole. While it might seem slightly thinner, because of the density of the RevLite foam, this is a super responsive shoe. Runners immediately notice how it almost automatically propels them in their stride. Walkers and casual users will feel an extra bounce in their steps too.

The New Balance M890v4 has a gradual quarter-inch drop from the heel to the toe. This is perfect for keeping both runners and walkers heel to toe drop measured. You won’t feel all the impact in your heel because your foot will automatically roll with each step. This is really important if you have arch problems, and makes them one of the best shoes for high arches.

Other Important Specifications

The sole has a cross tread design that provides excellent traction and balance. You won’t slip on damp surfaces, or feel uneven bumps under your feet. The shoe sticks and grips well to all surfaces. Each eyelet is reinforced to withstand the hundreds of times you’ll take this shoe on and off.

Good for:

  • The New Balance M809v4 is the perfect shoe for people who run every day and take this activity very seriously.
  • This is also an excellent shoe for anyone who likes to walk a fair number of miles at a time.
  • It’s a good shoe for casual sneaker wearers too, and for anyone who simply wants a sturdy shoe that provides excellent cushioning.

Not recommended for:

  • The M809v4 isn’t a great shoe for people with very narrow feet or extremely high arches.
  • Casual walkers who have budget concerns, as the shoe is priced in a running shoe category.
The heel to toe drop helps runners stride more naturally. It is an excellent feature for avid walkers as well.
New Balance made the M890v4 with an upper portion that will handle the stress runners place on a shoe while also keeping their breathability.
The mess and synthetic upper is also seamless, which means this shoe will not cause your feet irritations.
Unlike other models of the New Balance 890 series, this shoe only comes in a single color combination. The fluorescent green might be a little too much for some wearers.
While the shoe is a great walking shoe or casual sneaker, it is priced more in line with higher-end running shoes.
There might be some sizing issues, according to several user reviews that claimed their shoes were smaller or narrower than expected.

Product Recommendations

Recommended Level:

  • This shoe is made for serious runners, but it is also a nice shoe for avid walkers and anyone who needs a well-cushioned shoe.

User Opinions about the New Balance M890v4


Many runners are really excited about the feel of this shoe. They are impressed with how light it is, but how at the same time, it doesn’t compromise the cushioning of each stride. The shoe’s upper portion is also appealing since it breathes well and can dry quickly.

The heel to toe drop was appealing to both avid runners and walkers. They frequently mentioned how easy it was to walk or run in the New Balance M890v4. However, customers stressed that potential buyers need to pay close attention to the sizing chart instructions.

The shoe can run as much as a half-size larger than a standard shoe measurement. All in all, runners who have stayed loyal to the 890 model were impressed at how New Balance had reduced the overall weight slightly, without compromising the cushioning.

Product Maintenance


Your New Balance M890v4 shoes are simple to maintain, and you can keep them looking sharp in just a few easy steps.

  • Use a damp rag to clean dirt and grime from the upper portion.
  • You can use a mild cleaner to remove difficult stains.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or bleach on any portion of your shoes.
  • You can quickly wipe the midsole and bottom with a damp cloth as well.
  • Use mild fabric protectant on the upper shoe to add a layer of protection.
    • However, do not use oil based waterproofing creams or waxes.
    • These might reduce breathability and alter the color of your shoe.


Taking It All In


This wraps up our review of the New Balance M890v4, a durable shoe built to withstand the impact of daily running, plus a perfect shoe for anyone who wants cushioned comfort in their every step.

If you’ve worn the M890v4 or other M890 shoes, then tell us what you think of them. In addition, if you feel we missed any points in our review, let us hear about those as well.