To make things easier, the team will be referred throughout the following as “we”, “our website”, “this website”.

Following is a detailed look at how collects, stores, and protects the non-personally identifiable and personally identifiable data of its users and visitors. This Privacy Policy will also offer details as to how this information is used, namely, with the purpose of boosting this website’s online presence and improving its performance.

Types of Data Collected by Our Website and Why

This website gathers several types of non-personally identifiable and personally identifiable information from its users and/or visitors. collects non-personal data mainly of the internet cookie type. Also, our website will not gather personal data from its users and/or visitors without first asking and receiving their explicit consent.

Details on the Personally Identifiable Data We Collect

This website does not collect any personally identifiable data without first asking and receiving the explicit consent of our users and/or visitors. This type of information can be used to identify one or more users, and as such, is perceived as being of a sensitive nature and rarely collected by

Our website gathers only standard personal data like the complete name (first name and surname), physical address, email address, social media handles and/or phone number or other such contact data. Gender information or the geolocation might also be collected.

This type of information, if collected and stores, serves statistical purposes and is used to ease communication with users and/or visitors. Our website’s primary goal is to offer user-friendly content that is as relevant as possible to all its readers. declares that it will never share personal data with third parties for monetary gains or for commerce.

Details on the Non-Personally Identifiable Data We Collect

This website gathers non-personal information concerning the visitor and user experience on Such data cannot be used to identify or track identity.

Examples of non-personally identifiable data we typically collect:

  • Browser-specific information;
  • ISP (or Internet Service Provider) information such as, but not limited, to the IP address;
  • Lists of the websites and web pages readers frequently access after and before browsing our site;
  • Logs presenting the users’ online behavior patterns and internet browsing history while on this website.

How This Website Uses the Data it Collects compiles the aforementioned types of data for statistical purposes. This information is used with the end goal of better understanding the desires and needs of our visitors and users and thus improve their experience on our website.

This type of data will never be sold or shared for direct financial gain. However, some third-party entities might receive access to it under special circumstances. Namely, web hosting or marketing partner companies might grant access to the collected data to a limited number of its employees. However, these are strictly prohibited from further distributing this information to other parties.

Personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable data collected by might be shared with state or federal institutions in compliance with their warrants, rules, regulations, court orders, or subpoenas.

Note: The Privacy Policy does not include or address the cookies utilized by other entities such as online advertisers in displaying custom information and ads. These parties are each individually liable for the security of the data they gather.

How this Website Gathers Information

The following provides a complete presentation of the ways in which this website gathers personal and non-personal information:

1. Register Requests (Sign Ups) only collects personally identifiable data from its users through register requests or sign-ups. These are meant to ensure that the information is accurate and that the user is a real person. As stated above, this sort of information is primarily used to ease communication with users.

All personal information is and will remain strictly confidential.

2. Cookies

‘Cookies’ are pieces of code used to collect background information targeting the online navigation patterns and behaviors of a user. Users and visitors will be asked to give their explicit consent before gathering such information, which will be used for statistical reasons.

Cookies gathered information cannot be used to verify users and/or visitors.

3. Log Files

This website uses log files to record the seconds spent by users and/or visitors on a specific webpage and to count their clicks. This sort of information is also gathered for statistical purposes. It can sometimes include other browsing information such as the browser being used or the previously accessed webpage.

Similar to cookies data, log files information cannot be used to verify users and/visitors.

How This Website Protects Information

A triple-step security system (electronic protection, managerial protection, and physical protection) is used by to protect the data it collects and stores.